How can I help?

Spend a few minutes getting educated ( which you have done by reading this far) , then TAKE ACTION.     There are several options -pick the ones that fit you best.

1. Suspend all purchases of OMP wine— there are many fine choices to keep buying Northern Michigan wine across the West Arm of Grand Traverse Bay on the Leelanau Peninsula.

2. Tell the OMP Wineries and the Township you are opposed to the Winery lawsuit efforts, refusal to negotiate a reasonable settlement, and are suspending doing business with the OMP wineries.   You can do all of this in 5 easy steps, and send, in less than 5 minutes… CLICK HERE TO START

3. Book your wedding or other special event at Non-WOMP facilities.
The Traverse Region has many fine alternatives.    On OMP, check out The Peninsula Room—space for 150 guests with F&B, operating in a proper commercially-zoned area for more than a decade, with both indoor and outdoor features.   Special events are stressful enough. No reason to risk your special day with guests getting inconvenienced at a WOMP facility; wedding and event planners already have enough to worry about.

4. Spread the message to your contacts via social media ( & encourage them to go elsewhere for their wine). Here is one example

5. Tell vineyard owners how you feel— see # 2.

6. Spread the word—put up a sign/ vehicle sticker/ send a media letter.

7. Contribute – More to come.