Use the FREE Calculator below to see your financial exposure.

Owner’s Potential Responsibility for WOMP’s Alleged Damages

If you are a property owner on OMP, or an HOA or similar group, you may have a BIG, unexpected bill coming if WOMP prevails in court.    We have prepared an Interactive Calculator to help you understand your potential exposure…and it is free.  The Calculator assumes WOMP prevails on its claim for over $200 million in damages, and uses the publically-available Taxable Value for each property parcel.  This is the same data on your Property Tax bill, but if you do not have that bill within easy reach, you can find it at the Grand Traverse County Parcel Viewer at link below.

I am a property owner on OMP and I want to figure out what my part of the $200 Million Damages claim is.

Enter in the “Taxable Value” of your property in the box provided. Software has been prepared to handle the rest of the calculation.  If you do not know the “taxable value” of your property, click button below to find it.

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