Tell the OMP Wineries and the Township you are opposed to the Winery lawsuit efforts, refusal to negotiate a reasonable settlement, and are suspending doing business with the OMP wineries.   You can do all of this in 5 easy steps, and send, in less than 5 minutes…



Open your email program, and begin to compose an email.



in the “To” box, copy and paste all of these email addresses:



Insert in the Subject Box:   Township Support & WOMP Moratorium



Copy & paste the following text into the body of the email :

Dear Township Board Members, 

We support your continued efforts to resolve the WOMP lawsuit through negotiation.  The wineries should uphold the agreements that they helped craft and willingly signed at the origins of their conversion of agricultural zoned land into winery operations and tasting rooms. These original agreements were created in the spirit of enhancing OMP farming and viticulture opportunities, keeping agricultural zones in production, and respecting the quiet residential needs of our community.  Any changes should continue in this same spirit so that all interested parties can thrive, not just the wineries. 

We are including OMP wineries in this email to let them know we have suspended all purchases of their products, services, and event operations until they return to transparent negotiations with the township, rather than trying to force their demands on our community through a federal court.  We are encouraging our friends and neighbors to do the same. It is only through you, our township representatives, that the local community can have a voice in shaping a satisfactory outcome.  

Respectfully yours, 



Add your Name and Peninsula Township Address. 

If your Northern Michigan address is off OMP, insert it.  If you do not have a Northern Michigan address, use your current address.    



Hit “SEND”